A Thousand Cranes

Maddy Flapper and Jess Goc-ong

Review by Tony Knight, Stage Whispers

Without exception they all give terrific performances, bringing to life this deeply moving tale about death and hope. It is without doubt, for me, the strongest and most consistent and uniformly most powerful ensemble of community actors that I have recently seen in Adelaide.

Review by Kylie Pedler, Adelaide Theatre Guide, 3.5 stars

Cleverly brought to life on a rotating stage by director/choreographer Sarah Williams, this production is poignant and inspiring and very relevant for the younger audience present on opening night. Sadako’s story is beautiful and sad. But told sensitively through a harmonious blend of lyrical dance, aerial and acrobatic skills, haunting music and storytelling it gently opens the door for discussions on deeper issues such as war and destruction. 

Ivy + Bean

1Review by Valerina Changarathil, The Advertiser, 5 Stars

The musical ticks all the boxes on expectations, songs, performances and some fantastic dancing in an easy friendly manner, making it easy for young audiences to relate to the situations and characters

Review by Sally Putnam, Stage Whispers

The ensemble work, which includes some great upbeat song and dance routines, is excellent.

The cast were obviously enjoying exploring their inner seven-year-old selves and doing so in a way that drew in the children in the audience and the adults. The youngsters got caught up in the adventures and the adults enjoyed not only the memory of making up imaginary worlds in which anything can happen, but also the total engagement of their youthful companions.

Catch this show while you can – it’s a delight.

Review by Jennifer Trijo, The Serenade Files, 5 Starsivybeanbookshot

There were many smiles and laughs from the crowd, and Scott Elmegreen’s melodies were stuck in my head long after the show had ended. Overall, this was an outstanding offering from The Gemini Collective

Review by Nicole Russo, The Barefoot Review, 4 Stars


This is their debut production and one they can be proud of

Article in April 2018 edition of Australian Teacher Magazine.

“Allowing upper primary students the opportunity to interact with and question the actors was fabulous for all involved, and highlighted what students find interesting about the page to stage process,” Williams says.