28 Hamley St, Adelaide

Musical Theatre Jazz

Beginners Ballet

5x class pass for Jazz $80 (saving of $10) – 10x class pass $160 (saving of $20)

5x class pass for Ballet $60 (saving of $10) – 10 class pass $120 (saving of $20)

Book your spot by emailing Sarah at thegeminicollectiveau@gmail.com or by FB messenger.

Do you want to brush up on your musical theatre dance skills? Always wanted to try ballet but thought it was too late?

Well it’s not – now is the time in your life you can make choices to improve yourself, be happier, and stop apologising. You won’t regret it – I promise you!

Each class consists of a warm up and stretch, actual fun cardio (!), challenging corner combos and then in Jazz we learn part of a routine from a musical – usually a new one every 3 weeks.

In Ballet we are now very excited to be offering AICD Adult Assessment exams – starting at Level 1 for complete beginners you could work towards achieving a life long bucket list goal of yours!

I have been dancing for over 30 years and have learnt ballet, jazz, tap, contemporary, musical theatre and hip hop, and have been teaching for nearly 15 years. I love personalising my classes to the students present; adjusting and scaffolding to your needs. There is no such thing as “I can’t” – just not YET!*

Sarah xx

*Disclaimer – all injuries should be made aware of at the beginning of a class!